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Walk to Jerusalem

On the week of January 26, we will be “walking'” to Jerusalem and will plan to arrive on April 5. We will be tracking our “miles” walked each week and collectively adding them together as we cross the ocean to the Holy Land. Our route will be “as the crow flies.”

Each week there will be a sheet to track your miles. Please drop the sheet in the basket – or email them to Peg to tally.

Everyone can participate in this journey. Activities that count toward miles include walking, biking, any type of exercise, reading the Bible, prayer time, and for children – time spent helping around the house or attending Sunday School.

During the journey, people who have been to the Holy Land are invited to share their photos and stories to bring our journey to life. If you would like to share, please contact Peg at 248-321-9197 or peg.vandenhemel@gmail.com.

Sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board – feel free to join along the journey at any point through April 5.