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Preaching without preaching

During my sabbatical in 2017 I wanted to practice the craft of preaching without preaching. I had heard The Moth Story Hour on NPR and seen ads for local Moth Story Slam events and I was intrigued.

During my sabbatical I was privileged to work with Patricia Wheeler ( http://www.patriciarwheeler.com ) on personal narrative story telling. Patricia is the producer of The Moth in Michigan as well as being an accomplished story teller herself.

This led to me competing in (and winning) Moth Story Slam events in Ann Arbor and Detroit. It has been a wonderful experience and I have discovered an amazing and supportive community of story tellers here. What a gift. You can watch my story from the September 2018 Moth Grand Slam here:

In September 2018 I was invited to be a featured storyteller at the Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers event held at the Charles Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit, MI. The theme that night was Road Trip. It was humbling to be included in the event. You can listen to the story of my own grand Road Trip which is also part of the story of my calling to serve as a pastor.

Moth story telling events are amazing experiences. The audience is always loving and gracious, supportive and receptive. Everyone has stories to tell about their journey through this life. Those stories no matter how ordinary or extraordinary are also stories of the holy; stories of God’s activities in your life. May you find an audience to hear your truth. If nothing else, bring it to God’s ever listening ear in prayer.