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The Giving Cross

The Giving Cross is back! In May and June we will be collecting donations of personal hygiene items for the Micah 6 Summer Slam. These items will be used to create hygiene kits in gallon Ziploc bags. These kits are then handed out to the Pontiac participants at the August Summer Slam. Dylan asks that you pay attention to the sizes of the items requested as they need to fit into the Ziploc. Grab a tag from the cross in the narthex and return your items to the basket provided under the cross.

The items we are collecting are:

4 (individually wrapped) adult Toothbrushes      

4 (individually wrapped) children’s Toothbrushes

2 (6 oz) tubes of adult Toothpaste       

2 (4.6 oz) tubes of children’s Toothpaste

2 (2.6 oz) Stick Deodorants 

1 multi-pack (individually wrapped) 4 oz bars of Soap

2 (10-12 oz) bottles of adult Shampoo     

2 (10-12 oz) bottles of children’s Shampoo

Thank you in advance for your donations. Slip Reminders will be on the Giving Cross the first Sunday of May. Questions? Contact Pat Mayes 248-396-7400.