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Summertime Blessings

At long last the days are getting both longer ad warmer. What a relief after a winter that seemed to refuse to free us from its icy grip. It is the time of year when you become reacquainted with your neighbors and your seasonal allergies.
In the church it is the Season after Pentecost, the long green season. I still smile when I think of Mike from Virginia who told me, “Pentecost is my favorite season because it is green for so long. I really hate change.” The color on the altar may stay the same, but any journey with Jesus will change you.
During these summer months we travel with Jesus in the region around the Sea of Galilee. Green rolling hillsides and small villages and towns. At every turn there are people longing for words of grace and hope. Mike would be happy, because this has never changed. We are still people longing for words of grace and hope. To our great joy we can hear those words of promise Sunday after Sunday.
I also realize this is the season for vacations and trips up north. If you ever want to catch up on what you missed, most Sundays you can find an audio recording of the Sunday sermon on the church website: http://lutheranchurch.org/sermon/
May these warm summer days bring you refreshment and joy.