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Spring 2017

Grace to you and peace From God our Father and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

A few years ago we introduced our new mission statement here at LCM: A faith-led fellowship called to serve all in Jesus’ name. You may recognize these as the words I use at the beginning of our worship on Sundays. Since that time we have been working to develop a new graphic or logo to use on our new church sign and all sorts of other materials.

The logo itself is a reflection of our mission statement. The tree has many branches all connected to the trunk which resembles both a tree and the upraised arms of Jesus. We too are many, yet we are connected, one to another by Jesus. We are a fellowship.

The leaves come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. This too is a reminder of the breadth of our calling, it is a reminder we are called to serve “ALL” in Jesus name.

Trees, like churches, are living things. Through care, attention and nurturing trees grow, and so do churches. The graphic reminds us of the need to care for the gift of the church which has been entrusted to us.

My hope and prayer for LCM is that we continue to be a community of followers of Jesus, caring for one another and seeking opportunities to have a positive impact in this world.

Our mission statement and logo are nothing more than tools to help remind us of the God the Father who claims us as sons and daughters, Jesus the Son who gives us new life daily, and of the Holy Spirit who gathers us, inspires us and sends us out to serve.

May the peace of Christ dwell in you always,

Pastor Paul Walters