The 2019 Stewardship Appeal continues our shift from serving in small ways in many places to serving in big ways in a few places. It is a shift from broad and shallow to narrow and deep. Again, this year one of our goals is to Maintain Ministry Excellence. New this year is the goal of Reaching the Forgotten.

Maintaining Ministry Excellence

As always, we want to continue to appreciate and lift up the fine work of our staff by providing appropriate compensation and excellent benefits. Approximately $7,000 of the incremental commitment will be assigned to Maintaining Ministry Excellence. Lutheran Church of the Master appreciates the committed efforts of the staff and believes it is important to continue to compensate them appropriately.

Reaching the Forgotten

This year our goal is to raise up a future pastor in the church and build a new congregation. These are no ordinary goals. For several years our youth worker Dylan Pyeatt has been building up the Micah 6 Church in Pontiac as an outgrowth of the Micah 6 Community. Micah 6 Church is a community of hope looking for an ear to listen without judgment and a space to develop understanding of Jesus’ mercy and promise.

This year we will help Dylan move on the path towards ordination in the ELCA and support the growth and development of the Micah 6 Church, with the longer term vision of this becoming an ELCA congregation.

To do this LCM will contribute approximately $28,000 in the next year to the ongoing development of this Mission Congregation/New Church at Micah 6.

“I am excited by the opportunity to raise up a new leader in the church and work to develop a new congregation,” says Pastor Paul Walters.

These funds will provide increased compensation and benefits to Dylan as well as resources for ministry programs.

First, Dylan Pyeatt will move from a ½ time to a ¾ time position. He will continue serving as the Youth and Young Adults Leader at LCM, and will add responsibilities of growing the congregation of the Micah 6 Church. This will place him in a track leading towards ordination in the ELCA. This means Dylan will also work closely with the Candidacy Committee of our synod.

Although Dylan is already a Spiritual leader within Micah 6 and its associated church his role will become more formalized within the Mission. Through his expanded responsibilities he will take on pastoral responsibilities at both the Mission and LCM. At LCM, you will see him with more regular preaching and worship leadership responsibilities throughout the year. “I am excited to grow as a pastor and work together to reach the forgotten in Pontiac with the good news,” said Dylan.

Pastor Paul Walters will provide coaching and development for Dylan and create opportunities within LCM for him to serve. As noted Dylan’s current ½ time commitment increases to three quarters, this increases his salary and creates a benefits eligibility if he so chooses.

Although the Micah 6 Church has operated consistently for multiple years, funding from LCM will help provide a more stable, reliable presence. Some of the funding will be going toward creative strategies for growing the Micah 6 church and more.

This vision responds to the call of the Gospel

The Micah 6 Community and the Micah 6 Church serve a community with deep needs on every level. Helping provide a solid foundation for a new faith community in Pontiac is a blessing that LCM can be a part of.

The Micah 6 Church proclaims the gospel to the whole creation and reaches out to the forgotten. Listen to Cheryl’s story: “I got out of prison and did community service with Micah 6. This helped me turn my life around, get involved in the church and now I lead an AA group at the church,” says Cheryl. Responding to the grace she received, Cheryl is turning her life around. This is a ministry LCM can support and nurture.

Here we have the opportunity to respond to Jesus call to be generous caretakers of our gifts. This gives us the chance to help bless the ELCA with another excellent pastor. LCM becomes a real partner in this exciting new adventure.

Let us respond to your questions or concerns by submitting them to Your questions will help us clarify our vision and work together to serve all in Jesus’ name.


What is Micah 6 and how does the Micah 6 Church fit into the larger Micah 6 Community?

The goal of Micah 6 Community is to revitalize Pontiac, one neighborhood at a time. Currently they are focusing their efforts in three areas: Improve Health and Wellness, Neighborhood Stabilization and Fostering Spiritual Growth in the Community. The Micah 6 Church supports the Fostering Spiritual Growth area. Learn more at

When does Micah 6 have services?


6:00 pm | Church
6:45 pm | Community Meal


6:00 pm | Community Soccer Game
7:00 pm | Bible Studies (Children, Teens, Adults)

1st Saturday of every Month

1:00-3:00 pm | Community Barbecue

1st Saturdays

7:00 pm | Coffee and Hymns

We have been doing service projects for Micah 6, will those stop?

The commitment to the Micah 6 service projects is what has brought us to this point of bringing focus to our service. Those service projects will continue to support Micah 6 by providing meals, Giving Cross efforts, and supporting Micah 6 Projects and Events.

How will this be funded?

This expanded role for Dylan will be funded through the LCM Unified Fund. This is the fund that provides the council the greatest flexibility. This is the fund which pays everything from the lights, to staff compensation and educational materials.

Will this change how the Samaritan Fund is shared?

In short, no. LCM will continue to support a variety of important ministries both locally and globally through the Samaritan Fund. As always you can submit requests for support of organizations for which you have passion. The new Micah 6 Church initiative will be funded through LCM’s Unified Fund, which funds everything from staff compensation to the mortgage to educational materials.

What does Dylan need to do to become a pastor in the ELCA?

Dylan has a number of different options as he works towards ordination. He already holds a Master’s degree in religion and this gives him a good start in the process. He will need to work with one of the Lutheran seminaries as well as the Candidacy Committee of the Southeast Michigan Synod to determine which path makes the most sense for him. Dylan will keep the congregation informed as he gets clarity around this question.

How will Dylan’s time be split between Micah 6 and LCM responsibilities?

Dylan will continue working with our youth and young adults for the majority of his time. In a ¾ time position the expectation is the additional ¼ time would be devoted to the Micah 6 Church. Additionally, Dylan will be preaching at LCM on a monthly basis.

How do we ensure our Youth are properly prioritized in this split time?

Pastor Walters will continue supervising Dylan. They will meet regularly to discuss ministry plans at LCM to ensure that the current ministry activities grow and thrive.

If Dylan is taking on more Pastoral duties is Pastor going to be expanding into other duties?

There may be ELCA churches with more members, but LCM’s average attendance of 160 per week is the highest in the surrounding area. This is a blessing and reflection of the great work this faith-led fellowship has accomplished. As a result, the number of requests for pastoral support increase and having to choose between the work of the church and the support of its members is a constant challenge. By developing more talent within LCM more requests for support can be addressed and church business responded to in a timelier manner.

How do we know when this mission is successful?

First we will see Dylan working with the candidacy committee and progressing towards ordination. We will also track the number of new connections and significant conversations and pay attention to first-time attendees growing to become regular participants.

Do we ever expect this mission to be self-sustaining?

Not necessarily although that would always be a hope. The median annual household income in the neighborhoods surrounding LCM is in the $90,000 to $100,000 plus range. The median annual household income in the neighborhood around the Micah 6 Church is in the $15,000 to $35,000 range. While there is opportunity for financial growth in the Micah 6 Church they may never be able to afford even a half-time pastor. That being said with the support of the Micah 6 Community, LCM and other churches in our Synod, there is every opportunity for this church to thrive.

Will other churches be offering support to the Micah 6 Church?

As the Micah 6 Church transitions to being a congregation under development in the ELCA congregations throughout the Southeast Michigan Synod will be invited to partner with LCM. This will help share the responsibility and provide even more resources to help the congregation grow and thrive in the coming years.