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Easter Celebration

How is your Easter celebration going? I realize in the rest of the world Easter is a single day. The Easter Bunny hides candy, the kids spend 2.5 minutes finding all the candy, everyone goes to church and on Monday it is back to regularly scheduled programming.
In the church we do things a little differently. We linger over the season. Here Easter is not one day but a season, seven Sundays long. Easter is so important we take nearly two months to celebrate. Of course, we are human too and even in the church we lose focus a little as the season stretches on. It does feel odd to sing, “Jesus Christ is Risen Today” six weeks after Easter Sunday. Still, resurrection, new life through Jesus is hardly limited to one day a year.
Resurrection happens when forgiveness allows people to reconnect after strains in a relationship. Resurrection happens when the hungry eat and are satisfied, when the unemployed find jobs, when the lost are found and the sick are healed. All of these and more are Easter moments and they can and do happen at any time of the year.
Where has resurrection happened in your life? Where are you praying for resurrection to come? How is your Easter celebration going?