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Christmas Eve Worship

Please join us on Sunday, December 24th; all are welcome!

Our Children’s Service is at 5:00pm: We all join in singing the familiar carols, the Joybeams and the Alleluia Choir sing special music; and Pastor Walters tells a Christmas Story, with all our youngsters gathered before the altar.

The Christ Mass is at 7:30 & 11:00pm: Come enjoy a Service of Word, Music and Sacrament amidst the glow of candlelight. Pastor Walters prepares a timely inspirational Christmas message for us each year. We begin with a Pre-Service Concert 15 minutes prior to service time; with Steve Schlesing at the organ along with percussionist, Keith Claeys. Vocalist, Rachel Kowalski will sing at both 7:30 and 11:00pm. The Celebration Choir will add their voices to the 11:00pm service.