Small Reminders of Our Faith

I grew up near Washington D.C. and my only living grandparents lived in Seattle. They did not travel so we saw them at most once a year. We stayed connected through phone calls, letters, and packages. Christmas packages were always a great adventure.

It started with opening the box. It was like an archeological dig. My grandfather was an old-school package wrapper. The first layer was brown butcher paper with plenty of that heavy-duty tape with the threads in it to make sure the box did not get open. Once you got that layer off was the box. It was taped shut and tied shut with twine for good measure. And of course, the box had our name an address on it too. You never know what could happen.

Inside the box nothing was wrapped so we would dig through the contents and try and guess who got which gift. There was always a box of Frango Mint chocolates to share. These are tiny amazingly delicious chocolates about the size and shape of a rectangular Lego building block. They were only available at Fredrick and Nelsons, which was Seattle’s version of Hudson’s. We would make that box last for months, storing them in the freezer and only eating them as dessert on special days.

Finally, mixed in with the Frango mints and the gifts were church bulletins and little devotional booklets. There would be things circled or underlined. These were from my grandmother and to me, they were her way of reminding my mother and my family about the faith that sustained her. It was not necessarily something bold and dramatic, but they were always there as a steady and consistent reminder.

Sometimes sharing the faith is like that. Not huge dramatic actions, but small reminders of the promises of Jesus. May you be blessed in both giving and receiving these holy words to strengthen you on your journey.


Pr Paul Walters



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